Welcome to the Course Maker. This site will create a gps file for you to use with your GudenGolfGps program using google maps. Before you start, make sure your course is not already made by checking the Courses Page. First thing you need to do is find your course. You can either just zoom in, or use the search bar in the lower left hand corner. Once you find your course, have hole on in view and press "Add Hole 1". This will add 4 flags to the map. Click and drag them on to the green (red being front, white middle, blue back, and checkered hazard). Do this for each hole on the course. If you would like to add driving range distances to your course, use the buttons below the map (all or which are optional). Once you are complete, put in the name of the course, and hit submit.

Driving Range Distances

To add flags to the map for Driving Range points, Click "Add Flag" for each point you would like to add. Enter a Name for the location, as it will be displayed in the program! Any and all Driving Range Flags are optional.

EX: Sycamore Ridge Spring Hill KS